All API endpoints are based off of /api if you access Sonarr via http://localhost:8989 the API root would be http://localhost:8989/api


All requests made to the api endpoint require API Key authentication using the X-Api-Key header or using the apikey query string.


  • Can be accessed and reset via Settings -> General
  • Stored in Config.xml
  • alpha-numeric (lower case)

Dates & Times

  • All dates/timestamps are ISO-8601 formatted in UTC 2014-01-27T01:30:00Z
  • Episodes (and episode based endpoints, missing & calendar) also include the airdate in the original timezone for display purposes
  • Date parameters should be ISO-8601 UTC dates to ensure proper handling by Sonarr

Content Type

  • All POST/PUT requests require all parameters to be JSON encoded in the body, unless otherwise noted.
  • All GET requests will return a JSON encoded response


  • [[Calendar]]
  • [[Command]]
  • [[Diskspace]]
  • [[Episode]]
  • [[EpisodeFile]]
  • [[History]]
  • [[Wanted Missing]]
  • [[Queue]]
  • [[Profile]]
  • [[Release]]
  • [[Rootfolder]]
  • [[Series]]
  • [[Series-Lookup]]
  • [[System-Status]]