Upstart script for Raspberry Pi

Using Upstart allows for more advanced features, such as start/stop and automatic restart if it would crash.

Install Upstart

sudo apt-get install upstart

Create the Sonarr Upstart config file

sudo nano /etc/init/nzbdrone.conf

Paste in the following code, changing the username (right click if using terminal)

#author ""
#description "Upstart Script to run Nzbdrone as a service on Ubuntu/Debian

#Set username for the process. Should probably be what you use for logging in
setuid pi
setgid pi

#Set mono directory
env MONO=/usr/bin/mono
#Set Nzbdrone directory
env DIR=/opt/NzbDrone

start on runlevel [2345]
stop on runlevel [016]


exec $MONO $DIR/NzbDrone.exe

Press Ctrl+X then y to save.

Start Sonarr

sudo start nzbdrone